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    High praise • Three Sixty, the Hilton at the Ballpark’s chic new rooftop bar, is drawing a lot of attention.

    First from Night Shift columnist Gabe Hartwig, who recently reviewed the new bar. (He said the Wimbledon Water Hazard had a naturally sweet flavor finished off with refreshing mint leaves, and fell in love with the Korean barbecue tacos.) 

    Then from travel publication Frommer’s, which called it one of the “10 best new hotel rooftop bars around the world.” The bar offers breathtaking views from its perch 26 floors above downtown.

    Source: stltoday.com
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    • Posted at 4:55 pm on 8.19.2011
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      i wanna go to a rooftop car in NY when i’m there this weekend so bad! I wonder if they’ll let me in if i’m 6 months from...
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      anybody wanna go on a date? :)
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